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Masterquote was designed from the ground up as the most
efficient and accurate quoting system available anywhere.   This
is not just a pretty wrapper on your hard numbers.  We help you to calculate each operation involved in manufacturing including material selection, laser/waterjet cutting, forming, CNC machining, painting, plating, hardware, deburring and so much more.  We have modules for building fast Sheet Metal and Machining Quotes.  Our system breaks down each part into the operations needed and asks only the relevant inputs for each operation while utilizing the database for all the other info needed.  All your company specific machines and process as stored with your company's profile so you get the exact quote based on your companies equipment and processes. 

Once you have quoted a part, the software walks you through generating a quote package and quickly emailing the quote off to your customer.  Most quotes can be completed in under 5 minute and simple parts can be quoted in about 1 minute. The entire system is online just log on from any computer and start generating and sending quotes.

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Sheet Metal Quoting

Quote sheet metal parts quickly and efficiently.  We save the machine processing information, stock materials, and processes that your company offers so your quote is based directly on your equipment and is completely configurable based on your shop and services. Then easily send and track of your beautifully formatted quotes directly from the software....  In fact, why not use our email templates to quickly send quotes and follow up emails in seconds.

Laser Cutting Quotes

Laser cutting quotes in seconds! Select the material and the machine.  Then tell us the number of inches to cut, the pierces and quantity of holes.  Then add forming, finishing, machining or any
other process and then quickly send the nicely formatted quote to your customers in seconds.  Oh, and did I mention we keep all the contact details on file.  So just pick the customer and click send!

CNC Milling Quotes

Our quoting system for CNC milling generates accurate quotes based on the CNC machines running in your shop and the operating parameters that you specify.  Once you have selected a material you can quickly add tools and ops to the quote.  Your favorite tools  are automatically saved for quick access and ready for your next quote.  Add fixtures, ops and setups in seconds and let our system walk you through the quote.

CNC Lathe Quotes

You can add lathe operations as easily as any other
machining operation.  From there add secondary processing like heat treating, anodizing and or any number of deburring and finishing operations.  Add one or multiple parts to your quote package and quickly send the quotes to your customers.

Water Jet Quotes

Generate Water Jet quotes quickly and efficiency.  With minimal information like the type of machine and material.  The software can determine
the cutting parameters based on your machines cutting characteristics and previous quotes. 

Wire EDM Quotes

Need to Quote Wire EDM parts?  We have you covered all our quotes can have as
many processes or operations as needed. As with any quote the software can quickly format, send and follow up on your quote so you can spend time making parts.

- Testimonials

Our shop handles a lot of quoting opportunities and MasterQuote has provided a quality and efficient quoting platform for us. The quote follow up and the user interface makes my day much more efficient.

JOHN POPELAR - Fabcor Sheet Metal, Fountain Valley, CA

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- Our Experts

Gabriel Corbett

Gabe has a degree in Mechanical engineering and has been working in manufacturing for over 25 years. He previously worked for several Job shops and owned a CNC machine shop. He is an expert in Quoting and wrote the original computations that became the MasterQuote Software.

Paul Zain

Paul has been writing enterprise level software for over 20 years and is an expert on the latest web architecture, security and data management.  He brings years of experience running web based businesses and the knowledge to run them effectively.  While not programming you might catch Paul at the Alamo Drafthouse watching the latest movies with a ice cold Stone IPA in hand.

Bob Thompson

Bob has over 15 years of business management, sales and marketing experience.  He has worked with several manufacturing businesses and knows the bottom line of what makes a business operate effectively.  Bob is an avid Mountain Biker and loves the outdoors.